Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looks Good

So far, I've heard dozens of people at church recommend the YMCA of the Rockies for family reunions. I sent out a mass e-mail to the Relief Society women for suggestions and the two I've gotten back so far are for there. Check it out and tell me what everybody thinks.


Andrew said...

It looks like a great option, except for the price. By my calculations we're looking at ~$1000 per family plus food and travel. ($1400 per night for the Snow Mountain Ranch cabin—which will fit our family—during on-peak time times 5 nights. Divide that by 7 couples=$1000.

Looks like it'd be a blast - but a tad spendy, IMHO.

Jenny said...

The camping is probably more of our price range, but I think the general opinion is that we do not want to sleep in tents. Most people I talked to did the camping. Oh well.