Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Start

Since Katie and I volunteered to plan the Hahn Family Reunion v2.0, we thought it would be a good idea to get an early start on ideas and planning. Also, we'd like to get ideas about places you would like to go, dates, food ideas, activities, etc. Hence - this Blog. We are all authors of this Blog, so anyone can post anything for everyone to view.

First things first - we need to pick a location. I think we all enjoyed last years camp in Heber - great facilities, perfect location, and overall, a great time. I know we enjoyed it, and it was nice to have restrooms and shower facilities, as well as a food storage/preparation area. It may be hard to find many similar places with the same configuration, but I think we may be able to find something that's close enough. Given that we are all divided into 2 different geographic locations (Salt Lake/Utah Valley and Denver), we think it would be nice to pick a place that is in some sort of centralized location, or equidistant for everyone (more or less). We have a place in mind, but that will be a future post. So, if you could all come up with some possible locations, we can look into them.

Second - let's narrow down some dates. We've tossed around some thoughts via e-mail as to when people would be available. It seemed to me that the general consensus was late July/early August. Is this a correct assumption? If that's the case, I propose either the last week of July or the first week of August. Along with this, we need to decide how long the reunion should be. My thoughts were that the last reunion was too short. I vote for extending the festivities for a day or two, to allow for more fun and activities, as well as to take into consideration travel time. This would bring the total time to 4-5 days or so. By my calculations, this puts it between July 27-August 1, or August 3-7, give or take a day. Think that would work for everyone? This far in advance, I think it will be pretty easy for people to put in requests for time-off at work and to make other necessary plans.

With that in mind, what does everyone think? Where would you like to spend the Hahn Family Reunion 2009? When would you like to go and how long would you like to stay? As has been mentioned by people before - things fill up fast, so we need to get an idea soon as to when and where we want to do this so we can make reservations and other necessary arrangements.

Let's put our heads together, everyone, and get started! With enough planning and preparation, we can make the Hahn Family Reunion v2.0 a fantastic time!


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I'm willing to drive as far as you request, so my opinion doesn't weigh as heavily as those who might not be able to get off as much time or whatever other hardship it may cause.

I loved Heber and would vote there again, just because I know all about it now. The price was perfect and it was beautiful. I loved the food storage, bathrooms and showers. Those are a HUGE PLUS.
If the Church has more of these facilities, I know they all would be as perfect. I love the idea of Aspen and Yellowstone. It seems that those were mentioned as possible Church facilities, but no one seems to be able to find out if they exist.

So there is my opinion on location,location,location.

As for the food. It worked out great last time, I think we can all trade around so the same people aren't in charge of the same thing they were last time. I know it was sort of hard on B&T the last day to make pancakes while everyone else was packing, so maybe that last day should be really simple, muffins or whatever.

Same with the first evening's meal. Or maybe everyone should come with their own dinner, either packed or eaten by the time we get there, just to relieve pressure and coordination with everyone arriving at different times.

Hope this starts the discussion.

thanks Conor and Katie. Love you two.

xx oo

Jenny said...

Unfortunately, Heber is completely full for next year. I checked.
I've got some ideas that I'm researching, but I'll probably wait and post on it when I have more to say.

Andrew said...

Heber is a hotspot - no surprise it's full.

I think extending it a day or two is a good plan. It seemed like people showed up on the first day pretty late - which made it almost as if it didn't count. A Tuesday-Saturday might be the ticket.

Meals seem to have gone well last time. If it ain't broke...

Showers, flush toilets, cabins at least.

Grand Mesa might be an option. I'm really anxious to have a reason to get back to Colorado next summer. We may consider looking into resorts in Leadville, Durango, Estes Park, Steamboat Springs, Frisco, Brekenridge, or Silverton and see if they have anything reasonably priced. We've all got plenty of time to save up some cash for travel (even if gas prices go through the roof) so I'm not opposed to doing it in CO.

Also, I'd suggest you set up the blog to email everyone. I'd also suggest we subscribe to the RSS feed for both the blog AND the comments. That's what.

The Rooster said...

Andrew -

Good idea on the e-mail and RSS. I set up the blog to e-mail most of you when a new post is published - but it would only allow me to enter 10 e-mail addresses. So, if you're not receiving e-mails when someone posts something new, check with your spouse - chances are they received it.