Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Hunt Is On

In my efforts to uncover the secretive church-owned girls' camp in Colorado, I've had some successes this week. No one believed it really existed! In fact, my stake young women's president said, "No one seems to know anything. I'm not sure it really exists! I've heard that it is a boy scout camp, a church owned piece of property, but, again, no one knows anything else. It's a mystery! Sorry to be no help, but I wonder if this isn't urban legend." My discouragement mounted, but I had another lead. I discovered that my first counselor had indeed been to the mysterious park. The rumors were flying that she was the key to it all, so when she called to ask me some questions, I had my own set of pointed interrogative demands for her! She buckled under the pressure and admitted that yes, she had spent many family events at this camp and it was near Ragged Mountain. My partner, Mike the Mangler, hunted down it's location and you go look at it here.

Another clue I received was from my former Mia Maid advisor. She too had been to the campground at Ragged Mountain. Her description of it was that "
it took nearly 4 hours to get there, but it was a great place for a reunion. It is owned by the church and I know that it fills up fast with girls camps and other church functions. It had some rustic cabins and a lodge with a huge kitchen, 4 freezer/refrigerators, and lots of tables and chairs. The cabins all had full bathrooms and kitchens but we had to bring our own bedding. It was far away from anything, so we could let the kids run wild and not worry about anyone else being around. It was perfect for Karl's large family." She claimed to not remember what it was called or how to get there or even how to go about reserving it (it's possible she was drugged or pregnant) and the only person that knew was in Zimbabwe. A little too convenient, I think.

My last clue was contacting my first counselor's husband to get the contact information. When I spoke to him, he said that his wife knew the contact information! Trying to give me the runaround, were they? Ha! When I applied some careful mental pressure, he caved and promised me the information on Sunday. I think he's too afraid to skip town, though I might have to keep an eye on him.

When I relayed all my information with my partner, he had some information for me. He found a blogger who had indeed been to the camp and had even posted pictures. You can go here to see what she had to say and look at the pictures. You have to scroll down to get past her dog and kids. Distractions for the non-diligent of detectives. But here is a teaser for your enjoyment. Success is but a few days away!

-Jenny "Ice Pick" Hahn


Andrew said...

What are you, Tracer Bullet?

The Nurse said...

nice detective work! i am excited to find out more about that.

Jenny said...

If only I could be so cool as Tracer...

Kelli said...

Hello, I am the blogger with the pictures of Ragged Mountain. My mom happens to be the camp director for their ward, they spent a week up there about two weeks ago. I visited for an afternoon. I was really humid because of all the rain. I also camped there when I was going to Girl's Camp.

It is beautiful!! It's just past Paonia. I drive a Subaru Outback and didn't have any problems getting up there. However, I wouldn't recommend driving a regular car up there, although I guess you could try. The road is maintained but there are quite a few ruts and what not.

My mom also happens to be in charge of the mapping department for the electric company in her area. There had never been a good map of the Ragged Mountain area until she was called to be the director. If you would like I could send them to you so you could have a better idea of what it's like.

Jenny said...

Any help you can offer would be great, Kelli!